He­re at Feed­Back, in the heart of Ber­lin’s Kreuz­berg district, we of­fer an ex­em­pla­ry Asi­an me­nu. Let our chef, Mr Chen, ta­ke you on a jour­ney through Can­to­ne­se coo­king. We pre­sent a mo­dern ta­ke on tra­di­tio­nal clas­sics, such as “Fal­len Duck”, with Pe­king duck, spring oni­ons and Hoi Sin sau­ce in pan­ca­kes, or Wa­sa­bi King Prawns, ser­ved with a le­mon and wa­sa­bi ma­yon­nai­se. Du­ring the week we can al­so of­fer an af­for­da­ble busi­ness lunch to all who en­ter our Paul-Lin­ke-Ufer re­stau­rant – so co­me over and let us sur­pri­se you!


Miso soup

with tofu and seaweed

4.50 €

Wan Tan Soup

traditional Wan Tan Soup with Blacktiger prawns, chicken and bamboo filling

6.50 €

Cantonese Classics

Seaweed salad

strips of pickled seaweed with pepper, coriander and sesame

5.00 €


natural green soy beans with sea salt

4.50 €

Prawn toast

fried Blacktiger prawns in toast and coated with sesame

6.00 €

Wan tan

Wan Tan filled with Blacktiger prawns, chicken and chilli sesame sauce (spicy)

4 pc 6.50 €

Jiao Zi

dumplings with argentinian sirloin, vegetables and chives

6.00 €

Siu Yuk

traditional grilled pork belly with plum sauce – crunchy skin and tender meat

6.00 €

King's Rolls

Wan Tan filled with tofu, vegetables and chives

6.00 €


chopped tofu with green beans, mixed herbage and lemongras

5.00 €

Fallen Duck

pancakes with roasted duck, vegetables and Hoi Sin sauce

4 pc 7.00 €

Wasabi King Prawns

deep fried Whitetiger prawns from Norway served in our special lemon wasabi mayonnaise

2 pc 8.50 €

Cha Siu Bao

traditional bun filled with cantonese pork BBQ. A true classic in the cantonese cuisine

4.00 €

Tofu roll [vegan]

razor-thin tofu leaf rolled with morel, mushrooms, vegetables and glass noodles

6.00 €

Cucumber salad [vegan]

little "Spreewald" cucumber in a garlic coriander dressing

5.00 €

X.O. Tofu

roasted tofu with pickled leaf mustard and X.O. Sauce, our most special sauce made of sundried scallops, shrimps herbs and "Schwarzwälder" ham

6.00 €

Ha Kao

four steamed rice dumplings stuffed with schrimps and bamboo

5.00 €

Siu Mai

four steamed Wan-Tans stuffed with pork

5.00 €


mixed basket with 4 kinds of dumplings

6.00 €


Gang Bao – Ji Ding

"Szechuan"-style wok fried chicken thighs with dried chilli, vegetables, chives, onion and garlic [spicy]

16.00 €

Chunky Chestnuts

fresh waterchestnut wrapped in crispy Duroc bacon strips with sugar snap peas in our sweet and sour sauce made of hawthorn and sour plum

18.00 €

Steak Cubes

cubed Argentinian sirloin with fresh vegetables in black pepper sauce on sweet potato with garlic [pepper spicy]

18.00 €

Lamm Yam

sliced lamb from New Zealand with cherry tomatoes, ginger, shallots, celery and garlic

18.00 €

Red Duck

crispy duck with green beans, onions, and mixed vegetable in peanut-orange-coconut sauce

17.00 €

Chen's Prawns

wok fried Blacktiger prawns in our special X.O. sauce with seasonal veggies, celery, pepper and garlic

18.00 €

Alaska Pearl

grilled salmon filet on seasonal veggies and sour-hot sauce

17.00 €

Surf 'n Turf

Surf 'n Turf comes with Blacktiger prawns, argentinian sirloin, ginger, pak-choi, Udon noodles and our black bean sauce

20.00 €

Vegetarian Menue

Mapo Tofu

our interpretation of the traditional Mapo Tofu – spicy braised, with fresh bell pepper and onions

14.00 €

Matsaman Curry

tofu, pumpkin, carrots, roasted peanuts, onions and coconut milk

14.00 €

Steamed Eggplant

tenderly steamed eggplant with a spicy mushroom sauce

15.00 €

"Gong Bao" Eggplant

"Gong Bao" style seared eggplant [mild spicy]

15.00 €

Lo Han Jai – Buddha's Delight

wok fried lotus, water chestnut, morel and shitake mushrooms. It is a vegetarian dish well-known in Chinese and Buddhist cuisine. The dish is traditionally enjoyed by Buddhist monks (who are vegetarians), but it has also grown in popularity throughout the world

16.00 €

Long Life

special fried rice noodles with various vegetables, chilli sesame oil, roasted onions and chives (spicy)

11.00 €

Silken Tofu

silken tofu shaped like scallops with king oyster mushrooms and daylily flowers

18.00 €


braised and sauteed octopus – thin slices

24.00 €

tenderly fried monk fish with cherry tomoatoes and snap peas

26.00 €

Australian Black Angus MS3 sirloin steak with black pepper, onions and garlic

30.00 €

Fresh steamed scallops in black bean sauce

on demand

half of a cantonese grilled Barbarie duck on top of mixed mushrooms and a fruity plum sauce

28.00 €

Crispy pork ribs with garlic, scallions, chili and coriander

18.00 €

Label Rouge chicken with chives, coriander, onions, galangal and garlic – served in a hot clay pot. Label Rouge is a seal of quality for extra premium meat. It guarantees free range husbandry and feeding with corn instead of low quality meat and bone meal.

24.00 €

Ifor­ma­ti­on on all­er­gens con­tai­ned in our food ac­cor­ding to the Food In­for­ma­ti­on Re­gu­la­ti­on (LMIV) con­ta­ins: (a) glu­ten-con­tai­ning ce­re­als (wheat), (b) cru­stace­ans (shrimp), (c) eggs, (d) fish, (e) pea­nuts,
(f) soy, (g) milk and milk pro­ducts (lac­to­se), (h) nuts (nuts), (i) ce­le­ry, (squid)
(j) mus­tard, (k) se­sa­me seeds, (l) sul­fur di­oxi­de and sulp­hi­tes at a con­cen­tra­ti­on of mo­re than 10 mg / kg or 10mg / l, (m) lu­pins, (m) mol­luscs, in­for­ma­ti­on on de­cla­ra­ble ad­di­ti­ves in our drinks
1 con­ta­ins caf­f­ei­ne, 2 with dye, 3 qui­ni­ne, 4 with pre­ser­va­ti­ves, 5 with an­ti­oxi­dant, 6 with milk pro­te­in, 7 with sweete­ner

All pri­ces in Eu­ro in­cl. VAT. We ac­cept no Tip, Credit cards on­ly from 10 €